Lil Spill

April 5, 2015

Austin bar rocking last night.  ” Lil night before Easter most of the people go to bed early so they can go to church on Sunday.” ( This was in reference to the NYC bar’s numbers). Really ? NYers are going to bed early so they can go to church for Easter. I lived in NY for 3o something years. I don’t recall this mass pilgrimage to church on Easter Sunday in NYC.

Daniel sent out an email describing what he calls Kevining in response to the Lil Spill entitled ” She Daniel’d the San Antonio floor”.  Kevining is falling asleep while standing after getting drunk. Or tripping and having a contusion which you buy a $200 hat to camouflage , after getting drunk. If you do both then you have done a ” FULL KEVIN”.

I made the best lamb tonight. Restaurant caliber! One day when I find a man that can provide for himself , looks like Channing Tatum, is well endowed , loves me, and is MUTE I will make him an excellent wife.

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Now that you raised the PBR prices to $3, expect your nyc numbers to even drop further. Almost like you are intentionally driving out business. Shame on the greed! Regulars including myself are only going for happy hour and then going to cheaper bars. Every change made there just drives numbers down further.


Seems like a list unlikely to be fulfilled. However, next time you are in NOLA, I will cook you dinner if you like. I hope you enjoy PB&J sandwiches because that is beyond my cooking competence. That said, I also fail miserably at being MUTE.