Lil Spill

March 31, 2015

Nice check from New Orleans. Today they are definitely my favorite bar!!

Oh god San Antonio was the troubled bar today. Our bar was supposedly leaking onto the ceiling of the restaurant below us. Marsha got a quickie fix through friends. This morning when I saw the log,  my first instinct was ” Why didn’t Kevin tell me about this?” Well Kevin didn’t tell me because he didn’t know. I was expecting him to freak out. He actually sounded calm when I spoke to him.   He told me that he was doing the research to make sure that the work done wasn’t just a bandaid but a real fix. In the Coyote Ugly World no one gets Kevin’s wrath but me. He will be so kind to everyone then he will immediately call me up ” They just Danieled the plumbing. I am so pissed.” In our world Danieling something means getting it done super cheap but having to redo it multiple times because it was done so cheaply. Let me guess when I post this Kevin will call ” take that post down. “

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Ahh, the NOLA bar, I've killed too many brain cells there. It's a wonder I can still tie my shoes. Thanks to Jazz and staff for making it a fun place.