Lil Spill

March 30, 2015

Bars are all over the place this weekend in regards to numbers. I am on a mission to get the OKC staff in a better place. Trying to find a half marathon for them to enter with me. Such nice girls but they need boot camp. Amber should have them on restrictions.

I haven’t even read last night’s logs. My dress was awesome for the military ball. But the ball was a bit boring. A lot of speeches.  Full sit down meal.Small talk.. Blah, blah This is a horrible observation and yet another thing to come to haunt me when I get to the pearly gates but ” why do officers have unattractive wives? ” I looked around the room and there were decent looking officers with overweight wives. I know, who the fuck am I to judge? But I wasn’t the only one to notice. Is it about being deployed and feeling more secure that the unattractive wife will be honorable waiting at home? Not sure

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Well said, beauty is derived from the heart and soul of a person, not from ones waste size and hair color.

Old Ugly Woman

As an old, ugly woman, I will attempt to explain why people marry those you subjectively view as unattractive. They love them. I know it's very difficult to comprehend how an ugly, fat woman can be attractive to someone, or even worthy of love, but ugly fat women are sometimes funny, sometimes they are talented, sometimes they are simply kind people who care for others when they need it most. Hell, some men even think they are sexy. One of the advantages of being ugly from birth is that I will never miss what I have never had. It gives one freedom. I don't care what others think of me. People show me their true self, and it's not pretty. I know how utterly devoid of rational thought most humans are, as exemplified by your own words. My value is not defined by what I look like, and what you neglected to see in those women is that someone valued them for something beyond a mere appearance. I'll be sure to never step into one of your establishments.

Mike Vito

Rod, nice touch sometimes we do need someone to keep us in check.


Wow. This is not the Liliana that I admired so much. People are not as beautiful as they look, as they walk, or as they talk. People are beautiful as they love, as they care, and as they share. The military families of the deployed, the ones who get left behind, are making sacrifices, too. But people don’t think of them, because what they do doesn’t draw attention. And there isn’t much that anyone can do for them, either. They wait, hoping and praying that their husband or son or father will return safe and in one piece. The life of a military wife is hard, they never give up. Don't lose yourself Liliana. Someone will love you for your imperfections both physical and mental while embracing your attributes.

Mike Vito

Sherri, what are we going to do about Lil. She sounds kind of feisty lately, I think it's time to send Lil to Dr. Phil. Lil you been uptite lately, have a snickers bar. Your scaring all the men around you, its going to take a special man to keep you happy.

Sherri McFadden

Kinda harsh Lil. Shit happens after all.