Lil Spill

March 10, 2015

Fun night with the Austin staff . Very kind intelligent women and men. Really enjoyed speaking with the girls . A few moms. Some students . An event  planner. We even have a fashion design student . Loved her gown portfolio.  Of course we ended the evening with two of the girls showing me how to chug a beer without being messy. Always a lady even while chugging beer..


I found out last night that while Daniel gave up drinking in December he drove an Uber car for extra money . ( believe he gets paid a lot from Coyote).. In his mind if there was a night where he was bored and he would traditionally go out with friends he decided that he would check on the Austin bar and take Uber passengers . I truly love that about him . Good for him . He will be the millionaire that lives modestly but twice a year takes incredible vacations . Ok heading back home .

oh and I lost my glasses so I can’t see what I am writing

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