Lil Spill

January 22, 2015

Last night my sister called and said that our mother had been rushed to the hospital. My sister went to the hospital and after many hours the ER doctor came out to tell her the diagnosis. My sister had the doctor call me and explain the situation. ” Your mom has a mass in between her lungs and her sternum. You should start setting up hospice care immediately. The only thing at this point with her age is pain management.” I canceled my trip to New Orleans and was waiting this morning to figure out the logistics of her “end of life care” and how I could go back and forth while she was dying. Needless to say it was a very long night. This morning a new ER Doctor gave her a cat scan and said ” Your mother was misdiagnosed. The mass is a hernia. Cancel the hospice care.” UnF believable. Last night my mother was dying of cancer and today she has a hernia that is going to cause reflux. This has been completely crazy. Trip back on for New Orleans.

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Understood. They also require you to give them identification when you run a tab. A clear violation of the merchant agreement with visa and Mastercard. Also in some states is is a violation of the law.

Amanda McMahan

Also to add to my post above, my sister was getting down off. The bar and was sitting down 3 seconds trying to get down and guards rushed over to tell her she couldn't be sitting on the bar?? She was trying to get off the bar to leave and got rushed??? Once again what was waste of driving a hour to this bar ..... Never..

Amanda McMahan

Went out with a group of 12 only to get one of the body guards come up to my husband and tell him he looked to "drunk" ??? Really 3 beers and having a good time with our friends and we had to leave? And he paid a $5 cover???? Never again we will be there.....ever.


I doubt it. You stated you are headed to New Orleans, I won't even be in Louisiana. Haven't been there in a long time.

Liliana Lovell

thanks . See you Sunday


Getting old sucks, my best to your Mom on her recovery.


Great to hear your mom is going to be OK! Karen and I will see you in NOLA Sunday night.


Not quite sure how to say this but I think I was blessed with my Dad's attitude to death. At 97 he broke his leg (being foolish in his kitchen) and went to hospital. They said that 'for his age' he was very fit (he was) and they should do an operation to set the brake. A week later Dad was doing very well. He said to me 'Son I've got something to tell you. I'm sick of living. Mum's gone so to my ...' He gave his list. 'I think it's time for me to go.' He simply gave up and less than a week later he was gone. His young Dr. was in tears.