Lil Spill

January 7, 2015

Yesterday’s gratitude goes to my neighbors Mark and Marty ( short for Martha). Mark came out yesterday and removed the base of my christmas tree knowing that Jackson and I had fucked it up and the garbage company would not collect it as we left it. So nice of him. I didn’t even ask. They are a nice couple and I now consider them friends.
Today’s gratitude goes to my sister. My mother doesn’t have alzheimers but she definitely has some dementia . I think it is associated with the pain pills she has been taking. My mother will call me 7-10 times. One call right after another. My sister gets at minimum, double the amount of calls. She received 25 today with 24 of the exact same voicemails. She’s closer geographically and emotionally to my mom and I can only imagine how hard it is to be around that every day. My mom won’t even remember having called so often. Aging is so hard on the person and the people around them.
Today I had a great day. I made some changes within corporate . Congrats to Pinky from Denver for moving up to regional!! You have earned it. And congrats to Mac. We are hoping to make him a kind of “fixer”. The test is always how your main bar runs while you are in another city. I have faith that both Pinky and Mac will make sure their bars are on point in their absence.
Life is good today.

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