Lil Spill

December 31, 2014

Woke up at 2:30 am with the sounds of pouring rain and the flash of a text message from Daniel ” incident in Milwaukee . Someone got sucker punched”. Another day at the office. The Milwaukee location has been an example of a city’s changing entertainment areas. When we opened that bar water street was the busy area for nightlife . We were only opened a few months when there was a shooting on our block and things have gotten progressively worse. A few bars in the area still do well but we have struggled . It’s a constant game of trying to lure people back to water street. Several businesses have closed which makes our job even harder. Lee will fly there soon to readjust our marketing . Uphill battle .
Good note we have been selling our anniversary tickets on line.
I have absolutely no plans for NYE. Jackson and I are flying out tomorriw for Park City. Maybr I will stop by the SD bar for a while .

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You should really reconsider only allowing franchises in non-US terrorities. I have dreamed of being a coyote ugly girl since I saw the movie (I was 13). There are no coyote ugly bars near me now. My husband'husbandand I have talked about opening a bar and found the perfect place. I went to search for information about a franchise and am very saddened. I met you once on a plane after Hurricane Katrina, you were very nice. Your son and then bf (you lived in NO then, the bf was from Martinsville VA originally and you had been there visiting his family,he worked at FedEx I think...) were with you. You hopped on a plane to Gulfport bc flights into NO were still cancelled. Oh the memories...


Ahh the impact fermented and distilled beverages have on people. Never been to Milwaukee.