Lil Spill

December 28, 2014

Ah the holidays . Jackson and I are in Raleigh, NC visiting my family . So far nothing too crazy . The deterioration in my mom’s health is unbelievable . She is wheel chair bound permently . We have this delusion that aging creates a kindness and more gentile demeanor . No it just exentuates the already existent personality . So crazy gets crazier . My mom’s family in Colombia wants her to go to Colombia. We talked about this for hours yesterday . Who is going to take care of her? How will she get to Colombia ? Exhausting . And in my mom’s mind this is a visit but my sister and I believe that it’s a one way ticket according to her health. I hope to god I don’t leave Jackson in the position that my parents have left us. Dying miserably in her home country ? Or dying miserably here? Not sure what the answer is? In a moment of dementia she wanted us to scramble for the phone so she could buy Lumenescence on the infomercial . At 80 she was desperate for the airbrush makeup kit on the commercial . Shopaholic while lucid and during dementia . I shouldn’t make fun I will probably be exactly the same .

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My Mum went from being staff rep. on the board of the company she worked for to a vegetable. She passed through different stages as her dementia increased. It took 7 years. We all managed except my brother who being very self centred took it as a personal slight on him. From what you have said about yourself, Jackson and your Mum and Dad in more normal times, in Lil Spill, I think you’ll handle the situation. As for airline travel, not shore on this, I think you’ll find that they wont carry her without a family member present. All my best for Christmas past and the coming New Year.


My Grandmother fought with that before her death. It is quite stressful. Just attempt to find the few shreds of laughter through the stress.


I can understand. I am dealing with a similar situation. So I pulled my daughter, 15, aside and told her if something she wanted to pursue to go do it. I told her dad was going to make sure things are in place so she don't have to stop or put her life on hold. Her mother and I love her and don't want to put the burden on her like we have. Good luck with your situation. I know it is very stressful