Lil Spill

January 1, 2015

Last night I was invited out by a few new women friends in SD. We went to a sushi/nightclub called Bang Bang in the Gaslamp. 2014 was the ” Young Men” love me year. ” Can I buy you a drink? You look just like Penelope Cruise in the movie Blow.” Dude if I really looked like Penelope Cruise I wouldn’t be talking to you and I would dominate the world!! But thank you for the compliment. ” Liliana all these men are hitting on you and you keep blowing them off.” Obviously I need to work on that. But in my defense if my son has more facial hair then these 25 year olds I just can’t take them seriously.
Nashville spanked all the bars last night. Good Job. My first gratitude for January 1st 2015 is to Lizzie. ” Thank you Lizzie for always being so willing to move for the company and work so hard. I love you and I wish you the best year ever.”
Mac wrote in his log from last night. It just wasn’t that busy out in SD last night. ” I was in the gaslamp last night. Everyone had a line. And when I passed Coyote the bar was packed. ” Hard when your boss lives in the same city.

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At least you remember last night. I, for one, am still rehydrating from the tequila.