Lil Spill

December 19, 2014

One of my son’s former classmates and my friend’s son had a 7 hour surgery today . I have felt sick all day just thinking how scared his mom must feel. My understanding was that his sternum wasn’t growing so the surgery was a kind of open heart surgery to alleviate the pressure of his sternum on his heart . He just got out of surgery . He lost a lot of blood so he’s getting a transfusion but he is good. As a mom it’s so scary to have your child be ill. I sent one of those chocolate fruit baskets to the hospital . In most of life’s situations food is always a nice touch .
Went to the SD bar last night . Girls are so gorgeous and they work so hard. Really love this staff

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Most all Coyotes I have met are beautiful. Best of luck to your friends son.


Well the loving caring side is certainly shining through. 7hrs thats a big op. Will be thinking of him having a good recovery.