Lil Spill

December 18, 2014

Only 10:30 and my morning Obama Care email just came to me. Hard to be a liberal when f Obama Care is killing small businesses . Urgh.
Today I ran outside then did these steep hill runs on the treadmll. The woman on the treadmill next to me was a severely anorexic woman. She was truly a walking skeleton . My heart broke for her . As I was struggling to keep my speed up while On a level 9 incline , she turned and spoke to me. She was walking , I am assuming for hours like the anorexics I have known . She knew a lot about running. Really kind to me. She was encouraging me everytime I had to do a timed surge . She was so hard to look at. Body starving . In my heart I could only think that this woman will die soon if she doesn’t change her life. What happened in her life to create this frail body and mind? If that wasn’t the only treadmill left I would of picked a different area to workout because it scared me to look at her. Now that I know there is a kind soul there I sm going to make it a goal to say hello to her everytime I see her. Kindness costs nothing .
After I finished on the treadmill and said goodbye I walked in on Dynesti’s swim lesson . Night and Day ” Daniel , Dynesti thinks because she’s gorgeous she doesn’t have to work out. Looks fade my friend . “

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