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December 10, 2014

T’is the season. Bonus day for corporate ! Thanks to all the hard working people for making Coyote Ugly have an incredible year.
So this week I was blamed for something I did not do by a dear friend . No matter what I have said he won’t believe that I wasn’t part of this situation . Needless to say that I have cried a million tears. I have eaten a ton of chocolate. And I have laid in bed staring at the ceiling trying to figure out a way for him to believe me. All to no avail .
On the positive side I ate all that fudge and didn’t gain a pound.
Some positive things going on in Milwaukee. And Marsha is rebooting some programs in Key West . Hopefully all positive changes for moving forward .
My across the Street neighbor is living the dream . 6’5′ gorgeous airline pilot . ” Lil you need to join coed dodgeball. I get to throw balls at people really hard and I get to pick up beautiful chicks . By the way they use stingless balls but it does hurt when you get nailed in the face.” Thanks but perhaps I will watch. That’s all I need right now is a black eye from dodgeball.


  1. Lil, I can relate to getting blamed for something not done; been there and it is tough. In time, the truth usually comes out.

    As for bonuses, we are giving ours to our staff on the last pay of the year, paid 12/26. I am so thankful for our success to allow us to give bonuses, many companies aren’t in a position to do so.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Frank and Liliana, just wait and let nature take its time. All will be well.
    I used to get blamed for stuff I didn’t do by the head of the high school I attended. But I am pleased to say success finally was mine. He sent a letter home to my folks demanding an explanation of my behaviour. His only problem was, to my joy, and I went to school to explain it to him, I was finished with school and now attended college. (I love telling this)

  3. I am not in the least bit depressed, I was a couple of months ago but mended well after some iced Kentucky bourbon muddled with just a hint of mint. I was simply offering an avenue for Lil to drown her sorrows.

    As for the letter from your headmaster, I have been there only worse, I was accused of a crime only to have the accuser charged for filing a false report to the authorities as I was cleared of all suspicion as I was out of town at the time.

  4. It is a good feeling when events beyond your control clear you of all wrong doing. What I told was a rather cut down version of my tale. Left all the nasty bits out. But I carry with me the look on the head’s face as he realized he couldn’t punish, not even for lying.

    Talking of liquid resolved depression, I’m a little depressed as the tide on my bottle of Bykal Vodka is going out. The fair to the shop is very restrictive.

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