Lil Spill

December 12, 2014

I was invited to a professional women’s luncheon tomorrow in San Diego. I better gussy up.
I still haven’t received the before and after photos for the SD Coyote Ugly 30 day challenge. HMMM big decisions.
A very very slow day today in the work world. “Ashton have I been punked?” Feels very surreal when I don’t get the ” world is collapsing” calls or emails. Come on? Who is sleeping with who? ( Oh I did hear some juicy tidbits from Key West and San Antonio recently. ) Daniel called me two days ago whining that he feels I have gotten too nice and he needs me to toughen up. ” dude I have been depressed and in bed for two days. Do what you want I hate everyone right now. But please don’t make anyone quit because then I will hate you too”

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Sorry to hear you are depressed, when I am I drink Cab, I suggest you find a 1994 bottle of Harlan Estate sit in front a fire and sip your depression away.