Lil Spill

December 6, 2014

What a day. Not one bike on KW for me to rent. We get to the event at 5:45 am. Mackenzie is there ready. Our other two Coyotes got there late. No goggles, no wetsuit. Urgh. They were completely I’ll prepared . None of them had trained . lol . I hate to give them my swim gear and I didn’t swim or bike . Mackenzie was driven ! Crystal started something and she wasn’t going to finish . So proud of them and Jeremy . Ndea started the Swim and turned back . Not sure if she finished the bike. Didn’t do the run . ” lil I am sorry “. She didn’t train . They do you expect ? If triathlons were easy everyone would do them. ” but I work so hard” yeah so do I . Take care of your body and your health! Regardless fun day ! Jeremy was hysterical . ” swimming will be easy “. He got out of the swim ” that was the hardest swim I have ever done .” Lol proud of my team .

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