Lil Spill

October 30, 2014

How is it possible for a person to be a triathlete and be scared to ride a bike? I am absolutely petrified to ride a bike. I train using a kinetic trainer in my house and only ride the bike outside during an actual triathlon. This week my new coach made me ride Fiesta Island with the clip ins. I could feel an anxiety attack brewing. That night I sent him an ” I think it’s best if I quit ” letter. Of course he talked me off the ledge. Today my neighbor has asked me to ride. I am flipping out right now. I hate being clipped into the pedals. ” Lil we will ride to Fiesta ” My response : ” No there are cars and hills” She thought I was joking. Nope . I am going to force myself to do this but I already texted my coach and said expect another ” I am going to quit ” letter. This is horrible. I am completely petrified!!

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Try hypnosis it might help.