Lil Spill

October 29, 2014

What on God’s Green Earth would make people want to come to the New Orleans bar on Halloween for a promotion called ” Black Magic Cowgirls?” What exactly is it? Why would people drag their asses from Bourbon St ? Just to see the girls wear black and cowboy hats? The food ? The drink specials? There are girls working all over Bourbon St. The specials on Bourbon are equal if not better then ours. SO What could we do to make people leave Bourbon and Come to us? THINK OUT OF THE BOX!!!
Today has been a disaster at work. Opening log after log of mediocre. Thank you, San Antonio, Denver, San Diego, and Austin for not being so bad that I get worried that I have to start bartending again. I bet I could walk into these bars and bartend a shift , Not getting on the bar once and ring in more then some of these girls. ( No don’t start asking me to). I cringed reading these logs. Picture the scene: Its Tuesday Day around 4 pm in OKC ( just picking that off the top of my head) There are 3 people in the bar because people haven’t gotten off of work yet. You go into the bar just wanting a drink maybe even some conversation and the bartender comes over to you using a mic ( even though you can hear her perfectly well since it’s dead) and she tries to get you to buy merch while screaming on the mic. As you can imagine , that customer wants to leave. Not only did that customer just want a drink and some chatting but now they are getting yelled at on the mic by some loud girl.
Let me guess I will now be getting an email from Daniel ” I have told the managers not to do that. Lil we haven’t done that in a while. ” Yeah right.
Believe me New Orleans isn’t the only boring Halloween party flyer. Does every flyer have to be some hot girl in a school girl outfit? My god get original. I told them at the manager’s conference to do a true ” Coyote Ugly Contest” Have the prize go to some guy and girl that people vote on that you would actually chew your arm off as not to wake them up from a poor sex decision after a night of drinking. How funny would it be if the girls came with buck teeth, pot bellies, pimples. And the guys show up with balding toupees, bad teeth, Dip hanging from their cheeks? That would be awesome!! No one has the guts to do it!

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I think the New Orleans bar should rename black magic cowgirls to a New Orleans appropriate name like voodoo vixens.

karen spadaro

I have multiple pages of fun filled new and innovative ideas for themes to include drink specials,wow moments,games,costumes that will make you$$$$ also key west bar community activities to show support on our little island!! Cant wait to show you ...cya saturday...cant hurt might help always a crowd pleaser!!