Lil Spill

October 27, 2014

How is it possible that my son is 15 today? It seems like yesterday when he was little and running around the house.
Key West having a big week! I love that.
Yesterday Daniel calls with Tahnee in the background . I could hear them both chuckling ” Lil we need your birthdate for this form.” Sorry not giving out my birthdate. And for the record Daniel ” Let’s see if you look half as good as me when you are my age.” Urgh just pissed me off.
I will arrive in Key West on Saturday evening. Hopefully no urgent care visit after my trip like last time. Who knew I was allergic to sand fleas?

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Rodo: I announced nothing just pointed people in the direction of the information. That said, Lil is stunning no matter what her age.


Your game Frank. Publicly announcing a Fems age, even if she has published it.


Daniel - Her birthday is on Wikipedia - it is up to you to find out how well preserved Lil is and riskier yet to see confront her with the newly found information.