Lil Spill

October 8, 2014

Bars did great last night except 2!! NYC making a huge reversal. Well done. Numbers going way up!
This morning I received the Jeff wake up call which is never good. FUCKING KEY WEST. I am tired of this negative attitude. You wake up every day with the beach as your backdrop. Start giving gratitude to your surroundings and start bringing positivity to the people around you. I am very close to my limit. FUCKING MOVE ON THE GOD DAMN ANNIVERSARY PARTY !!!
Today I am grateful for Chantel and Judy. They are both very calming people in my life. I believe in my heart I have calmed with age. But I am latin which means that on occasion I let my temper get the best of me.
So I have been invited out on a date by an ultramarathoner. Very funny person. He had invited me out to go trail running ( fucking california. They don’t drink on dates like normal people ). I had told him that I will get an MRI on my knee on Friday so I could go but make sure to give me a map of the trail when he blows by me. His response ” I would never leave you alone in the woods. We can go your speed. But I need you to know that if we swim in the pool together I will make you cry like a little girl.” Why is that sexy? LOL

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Perhaps Jess should be prescribed ritalin.

chris barendt

Please answer my emails and my answer phone message urgently


Lil have Jeff view 'Cammie's' web sight before ringing you. It's full of butterflies and beauty and all things nice! Should put him in a happier mood.