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October 2, 2014

This is very funny.

I am going through post Half Ironman depression. I don’t want to do a damn thing. Bars are doing well. Every week there is one bar that seems to rise to the surface as the Number 1 headache of the week. It’s a toss up between NYC and Key west.


  1. We men live in dreams. Maybe one day it’ll come true. Till then there’s always Coyote Ugly. Let the dream live on!

  2. Coyote ugly used to be more fun. Some of the new rules have resulted in less satisfaction for us regulars. The focus is on newbies and the regulars are taken for granted.

  3. Frank! It’s a shame you couldn’t have been in a bar I attended in my youth! There everyone was taken for granted. The waitresses wore black and whites, were fundamentally rude and did nothing more than shovel out the beer. I could say thankfully it has gone, which it has, but I wont because it was fun to be in. Just watching the others was entertaining.

  4. Rodo

    Been in those bars just saying that the regular at coyote used to be appreciated now not so much. So I am seriously thinking of going elsewhere where I don’t have to wait 25 minutes for a beer while the coyotes play hangman with people who have never been to coyote.

  5. You reading this Liliana? 25 mins wait is way to long. One way around this is to take a near empty bottle (just dregs left) & start spinning it on the bar top, spin it on its neck is a good start. Also hold it up and treat it as though your trying to get some ketchup out. And don’t forget to say something like ‘I think it’s empty’. Engage and entertain those around you to help get something out of the bottle. I have used this in CU NYC. It didn’t take long to get a beer.

  6. Well Frank it’s up to you now. Maybe bring a six pack back with you and see what happens. But do be nice about it, even appologize for not waiting.

  7. I think I am just going to estimate my bill for the evening, say $150, and put a tip estimate in front of me, then take a dollar away for each incident of poor service, and add a dollar for each time I receive good service. I am going to make a big sign and put it under the cash, then ask input from others on the service and turn it into a game like flip cup.

  8. Lil, I think we, Frank and Rodo, are ‘inadvertently’ writing a script for some comedy sketch. Who knows, maybe Jerry Bruckhiemer reads ‘Lil Spill’. I wonder where it’ll go?

  9. Went to NYC location last night for the second time in 6 weeks. I’ve been a fan of your entire franchise for 10 years. Caught the movie and followed the TV Search. Subscribed to the Spill for s few years as well. Always excited to visit when I can.
    All that being said, last night was the first time it seemed like the inmates were running the asylum. Security was lax, girls seemed tired and customers seemed to take advantage. Saw two guys filming a third taking a body shot off the girl in their party on a table. Someone tipped off security and then he stopped it. Over serving is an issue as at least two different people were passed out in booths or the ladies room in the course of the evening.
    I miss the Coyote times when the talented, entertaining girls were as hott as the beer was cold and security not only provided a good time for clientele but kept Coyotes safe.
    Please don’t forsake this location. There are seldom events on the calendar even for special times like Pride or Halloween.
    I love coming here but miss what it could be with some attention! <3

  10. I have been to several coyotes over the years and have seen a recent decline in service and I just plain don’t have the fun there that used to exist

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