Lil Spill

October 13, 2014

” Dude you better have me swimming like a damn mermaid if the doctor keeps me from running or biking.” That was my statement to my triathlon coach. I just got a call from my doctor. I ruptured a Popliteal Cyst ( baker’s cyst) at the Half Ironman. I knew it. I go in on Wednesday for a Cortisone shot. Even though it hurts I feel relieved. I will be back on track in no time.
Bars did mediocre this weekend. Daniel just called. This 30 hour full-time issue is so time consuming. ” Mac wants approval for … Marsha wants approval…” What the f ? We discussed this for months. These managers better figure it out.
NYC bar did the Tough Mudder this weekend! fun. ( It must of been cold)

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I think at a minimum the company places itself at risk of a discrimination suit.


What happens if an employer has a policy like that but they do not enforce it on a uniform basis?


Jimbo - I think your assertions are incorrect. The employer has the right to create a policy like you are explaining. Except if the employer is discriminating in it like you suggest based upon sex, that would be illegal. I think that policy is absolutely absurd but it is legal if it is well crafted and does not discriminate.


So, I have recently become aware that CO has a non fraternization policy with regulars. I have researched the laws and find that generally there is no law that allows an employer to regulate the actions of an employee with a non-employee when not at work. See Guardsmark - as it is on point. Further, same sex regulars are not held to the same standard, giving rise to potential discrimination issues.