Lil Spill

September 2, 2014

Never good when you wake up and the first business call is ” we need to talk about the NYC bar.” Urgh
WTF I thought swimming was low impact? I literally woke up yesterday hurting all over. Not only did my arms hurt but my hands hurt as well. My lats, obliques, neck. I said to my new coach ” dude I can’t do anything. Laying in bed hurts.” But yes I did swim 4 miles!!! You know the people who live off their high school sports accomplishments? This will be mine ” When I was already old I swam 4 miles!” I will speak of this with pride for a long time. When I get more pictures I will post them. FUN

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I agree major changes need to be done at the NYC bar from management to the rude weekend bouncers. The bar needs a complete staff turn-over. A buddy of mine was yelled at by one of the Friday night bouncers when simply putting money in the jukebox. WTH??


does coyoyte ugly serve sodas as well as liquor?


A massage and a soak helps but Lil it’s good to hear you’ve done so well! And I agree with Maria. I'm old'ish, only a little bit but you're way to young to be old!

Maria Bowman

You are NOT old! And I mean that!