Lil Spill

August 31, 2014

Who’s damn idea was this swim challenge? I am a dumbass, but it is for a good charity. Low and behold our team got them to change some of their rules. LOL. Dinesti rocked as captain. She got everyone together and saved one of our members lives! You don’t get better then that. Dinesti had us go in half hour increments. My arms are shaking. Well today was the furthest I have ever swum at 4600 meters. I wish I could of read my watch and tried to crank out another 400 to make it 5000. But honestly I have nothing left in the tank. I will load more pictures tomorrow. Yes the Coyote Ugly team used a raft and swimmies!! For charity!IMG_3864.MOV

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Congratulations Lil and team on your swim. If you can swim the 4600m then the next 400m will come.