Lil Spill

April 2, 2014

Can you please order a new pizza counter with food warmer? I get a ton of compliments on the Samurai Pie pizza but the display looks awful. I probably get just as many emails talking about how bad the pizza display looks.
Today has been ” deal with all the crap” day. I am getting fined , by the day, in Park City . They claim I received a certified letter stating the fines. I never did. I am considering suing this agency cause they have me accruing fines everyday in the amount of $200. It can’t be legal. So I had to deal with that. The notary. Fed Ex. Blah blah blah.
Jackson was home sick yesterday so we had a nice day together. Eating and watching Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead. Is it horrible but I enjoy when he’s sick and I get to baby him.
So and So quit, So and so got fired. When is break time? How long is break time? Should he get fired for not showing up for a week? Should she get fired for not ringing in a spill? Where are the good stories? ” Lil, she got fired for having oral sex with another girl in the rest room and it wasn’t her break.” or ” she got fired because she was in jail for domestic violence and didn’t get her shift covered.” Those were some good stories. My personal life is so boring I would love to tell some stories. ” I didn’t get fired but I met a guy and fucked him in the bathroom.” Those were the days but it included pool tables and kegs. What happened? When did my life get so boring?

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Mary French

Did a search for "samurai pie" and all I came up with were links to cartoons and videos for kids. Doesn't the restaurant have a website with a menu?


Our increasingly intrusive Government thinks they are right until proven wrong. Good luck with that pie issue.