Lil Spill

April 1, 2014

I’ve died and gone to heaven. A membership to public/private bathrooms! Genius. I have always had a slight fear of going in and using public bathrooms. That’s why I do applaud the New Orleans airport for having sanitary seats in their women’s room. ( My understanding is the the men’s rooms aren’t as nice). I just read about this company that has beautiful restrooms. You pay an annual fee to use these.
Back to business. Bars rocked last night except for NYC. Really just when we are about to drop a lot of money on a new floor and bar the bar starts sucking! Come on!
A lot of coals in different frying pans. Tonight meeting Chantel at Mr. John’s Steakhouse to finalize Calendar shoot arrangements. Believe me it’s not that easy. And thank god Chantel is organized.

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Liliana Lovell

great.Makes me happy to hear that


Evening Lil, I'm a regular at the nyc bar and just wanted to say how hard those girls work despite anything else going on. The security staff I consider respected friends and the girls know how to treat customers and regulars. I come in from nj just to see these people and have drinks with friends. Glad you guys are getting the floors fixed! Thanks for all you've done, "I love this bar"-Jonathan