Lil Spill

January 8, 2014

“Dinesti you didn’t send me your meal plan today!!! God I love Dinesti. A beautiful person inside and out.
” Watch this video .–abc-news-health.html?vp=1. This woman changed her life by making a commitment to discipline. I absolutely love this video because there is always something you can work on. I know for myself I can be consumed by stress so I have to contently tell myself to be grateful. It’s Every day, keep steady.
Yes I should practice what I preach. Today I am grateful to my friend and assistant Judy. She and her husband treat me like family. I love them so much.
Today was grueling. Texts and emails went like this; Milwaukee, Milwaukee, San Diego, Art design, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Art design, New Orleans, San Diego. GRUELING.

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