Lil Spill

January 7, 2014

I hate this expression but it seems accurate. ” Kevin is acting like a little bitch.” Lee and Kevin designed all of Milwaukee. Then Key West they didn’t implement any of my decor suggestions. So I have decided to take the reigns back in San Diego and formulate the designs for most of the decor. Lee is on board and he has been interviewing graffiti artists and mocking up sign ideas etc to my specifications. But Kevin is acting like a little baby. Any ideas I have he interjects and either says he doesn’t think it would look good or if it was up to him he would do it another way. I have a great idea for behind the bar that is different from our other locations. It is going to look so good but he has been whining for two days now. Always giving an excuse for why it won’t look good. He now realizes that I am not folding to his whining so his new tactic is ” Well I don’t think we will have time to build it the way you want since our deadline is so tight. We had decided three weeks ago about a merchandise display case on the side of the bar. Today like a little baby he said to me ” I don’t remember agreeing to that I guess you are going to get Lee to build it cause we ( contractor and Kevin) are too busy? You are F kidding me. No Kevin you are building it now back off before I start getting pissed.
So the Polar Vortex has hit the south. Yesterday was 40 degrees here. ( I know there are places in the country that are horribly cold and people are dying) But am I taking crazy pills that I don’t think 40 degrees is cold? When I dropped Bonnie at Doggie Day care yesterday they said “We really want the dogs to be wearing sweaters on such a cold day.” I had to buy the dog a sweater to leave her at daycare. My assistant texted me Sunday night saying that she would not be leaving her house for 2 days because of the cold . Really? Yesterday was 40 today is 30. We are not in Minnesota where it’s 30 below zero. Ridiculous. The bars are doing crappy this week. I have nothing more. Plugging away in San Diego. I love that city

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