Lil Spill

December 28, 2013

And the truth shall set you free. So Billy Club’s brother does have a nickname. It’s Gris short for Grisly. It seems that Gris likes very active aggressive sex. The grab your girlfriend , hoist her up against a wall and have sex with her while pulling feverishly at her hair and neck. Well Gris was dating a very attractive girl and they got into an argument. During this argument the girl said ” Fucking you is like fucking a god damn grisly bear.” Hence the name. Gris you need some variety to keep the ladies.
I had a musical epiphany and changed the choreography to TNT. I think once it’s tweaked it’s going to look great. New Years Eve is coming up. Let’s rock

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I went to your bar three years ago and had a blast so much fun . everone asks me about my bumper sticker that I put on my tool box , they to me did you go there I say yes yes I did looking forward to going back again with my friends John


the way he got that nickname is funny.. I wish i could work for coyote ugly.. I can't wait til i can.. !!!