Lil Spill

November 20, 2013

Just got back home from Nepal. What an adventure. We were way out of our league. Incredible athletes. Incredible people. Beautiful scenery. Really a once in a life time experience. I went 80 miles in 4 days before my body told me that I couldn’t do any more. Honestly, I was in a lot of pain with my right foot. (In fact I have an appointment next week to make sure it’s not fractured.) But the final decision to drop out of the race was the sheer cold. 3 nights without a sleeping bag. So cold and so exhausted. Just Knowing that we were about to leave 10,000 feet and go to 14,000 feet which would in turn present a new level of cold , I just couldn’t finish. I have never been so physically challenged. It wasn’t just the racing but how the whole day would flow during this multistage race. My incredible powerhouse roomate from Abu Dhabi, Yazmin, called me Diva. ” who brings an eyelash curler to a race?” Well I do. Little did I know you stop caring about all cosmetic issues when you have’t showered in 5 days. Gross.
Daniel blew out his knee early on. He was in severe pain and dropped out as well. Kevin is still in it!!! I think they finish today or tomorrow. Kevin, the machine, Bailey! I will post videos and pictures. Can’t wait to hear how Kevin did the final days.
Will write down more thoughts as I unwind from my trip. ( 33 hours to fly home.urgh)

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