Lil Spill

October 25, 2013

I just got the medical supply kit for my trip minus the tactical weapons that Chantel’s husband recommended. ” Chantel, he can’t be serious?” Well low and behold I think he was serious but I opted not to bring weapons through airport customs. LOL
Me ” Supposedly Juliet Prowse slept with Elvis Presley under his grand piano.”
Friend. ” You know he had shag runs every where. she must of gotten serious rug burn.”
Me ” Fuck I have rug burn from running with my back pack. I want rug burn from sex under a piano on shag rug.”
Friend ” Millions of women have had rug burn from sex but not many women have gotten rug burn from training for an ultra marathon in Nepal.”
Me. ” while a very moving and concise soliloquy I still like the grand piano version better.”
Key West why don’t I have the manager’s LOG?
Today I am giving thanks to Lee. He drives me crazy and we fight all the time but he is a true artist at heart. I love his dedication to making all of our work so visually appealing. He has been working on some new business cards and a presentation we need to make. The care and attention to detail is so inspiring.

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