Lil Spill

October 22, 2013

So far not the numbers I was hoping for during Fantasy fest in Key West. Today I had a call about next year’s marketing for Fantasy fest. Lee was asking what the demographic was. My response ” take the older bikers that go to Sturgis and picture them naked.” That’s it. The demographic skews in to 50s and 60s. No fear of body image or correctional officers. I hope I am cool enough with myself that at 60 I say to my husband ” honey lets only wear thongs, go out and get shit faced on Duval St.” It’s not just the women either. The men go out full frontal nudity as well. On that note my son and his best friend asked to watch the original Carrie with me on Saturday. I had NO recollection that in the original Carrie the first scene is post girls’ volleyball game in the female locker room. Full nudity. 70’s/80’s bush and all. So embarrassing trying to grab the remote and fast forward with two 13 year old boys. How was that allowed in theaters back then?
Who knew you have to sit and get tested on the diseases of Nepal when getting vaccinations. I got Hep A , Hep B, Typhoid, and Japanese Encephitis shots today. I was given Malaria pills, elevation sickness pills, and travelers illness pills. So many choices. “Miss Lovell you may get Rabies, do you want the vaccine?” I declined the rabies injections. I will definitely be pissed if I get bitten by some stray dog while there. What’s the bet that even though it’s through our great company Coyote Ugly that we are going on this trip, Kevin does not bring any logo embroidered shirts or jackets? That will just piss me off! Peace and tranquility. Today I am thankful to Jasmine from Denver. She does such a wonderful job as AM in Denver and she loves her daughter. Just a good person.

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