Lil Spill

August 23, 2013

I am all choked up after receiving this letter from my son’s school. I couldn’t be prouder of my son.
“Dear Anthony and Liliana,

Since school started, all of the middle school students have been sitting with their advisory groups at lunch. Today was the first day the middle school students were able to choose their seats. As the New Student Coordinator for the Middle School, I nervously looked on to see where these 29 new Greenies might sit. Some of them easily found a place and others not so much. However, one table caught my eye. It was a group of mostly new 8th grade boys, engaged in friendly conversation led by Jackson. Over the next few minutes, a few others joined the table and Jackson just kept engaging each new member. At one point, he even got up and invited another new 8th grade boy, who was sitting alone, to join the group. I was not the only adult in the room who noticed this act of kindness. Many faculty and staff members were quick to ask who he was when they saw what he did and those who do know him sang his praises. I don’t know Jackson very well, but I can tell you from what I saw and from what I’ve heard, that he is obviously an amazing young man and we are lucky to have him at Newman.”

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