Lil Spill

August 8, 2013

Wow. I have some really wonderful friends. So many people with kind thoughts. Thank You. I want to say two special thanks to Chantel and Kevin. Chantel was able to send a same day edible arrangement to my Mom’s house ( not easy because they live in the boondocks). And Kevin is helping me find Latin restaurants to cater for my mom , family and neighbors. He’s also called me many times yesterday and today to check on me. Really sweet.
In true Latin form I have only black clothing. I even brought black workout gear. My mother wore black for 2 years when her brother died, 2 years black and 1 year blue for her mother’s death, she even wore black for 6 months when the dog died. Please lord or higher being dont let today be as crazy as all our family functions tend to be.

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