Lil Spill

May 31, 2013

My son’s dad came over yesterday when he dropped Jackson off. He told me that after he and Jackson left the game store Jackson asked ” why do those men working at the store look so depressed?” His response was ” cause they are 35 year old men working at a game store.”. Of course Jackson couldn’t understand the idea of anyone working at a game store being depressed . Jackson’s dad then said ” I know we have always told you to have passion for your job but if you are 35 working at a game store you will be just as depressed as them. Plus I will have to kill myself knowing you are 35 years old working at a game store.”
I woke up this morning to emails and texts asking if I am safe? I left on an early flight home from Oklahoma yesterday before severe storms hit again. So I am safe and sound. It’s so scary living storm to storm.
Jackson has 10 days before he leaves for camp. Little does he know that he is now my training partner and will be running, swimming, and biking. His school gave him a gift from Audobon Zoo for making the honor roll each trimester. He didn’t tell his dad and I that part of the gift was the ability to volunteer at the zoo. Poor kid thought he could just laze around all summer. He will be training with me in the mornings. The afternoons will be spent volunteering at the Zoo, library, and French camp. ” dude if you were old enough to work you would have a job this summer. Be thankful I am not sending you around the bars to help Kevin .”

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Whatever happened to the days of childhood bomb making without a hint of Taliban and going for long rides on public transport without paying. I’m surprized Lil you even know the word ‘lazy’. Did you try it when you were an early teen?