Lil Spill

May 15, 2013

How the hell was I supposed to know that there is a wetsuit specific to triathlons. My swim coach said ” well I hope you like surfing cause that’s all that wetsuit it worth.” WTF. Fuck surfing! After training in the pool for two weeks for this damn triathlon I don’t even like swimming. I did get my first compliment today. I guess I am getting better at a technique called Sighting. This is how you can continue to swim but glance ahead to stay on course in open water. When I tried it the other day, I would gag on the water . Nothing worse then paying someone that continually makes you feel like you are drowning. It’s as if I booked a reservation at Guantanamo and asked to get water boarded for an hour.
I am glad I didn’t sign my son up for this because I would hate to have that fear that he may drown as well as me. I am not being dramatic but the last two training sessions I have felt scared. What was supposed to be fun is now becoming scary. If I fucking drown, I will be pissed! And dying pissed is against my plans.

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Pulling out of this triathion for a genuine fear of drowning is no dishonour, just wise. Swimming in a pool is a magnitude easier than swimming in the ocean. In my distant youth I qualified as a surf life saver, if you can't swim comfortably in a pool, forget ocean swimming.