Lil Spill

May 14, 2013

Mac, Memphis GM, sent me this text. Beautiful story.
“So when I opened the doors at the bar today there was a bra tied to the handles. It’s from a lady who had survived breast cancer. It had a fake gel insert inside of one side and a cancer pin on the other. Her kids left it at our bar in honor of their mother’s passing.”
I can’t tell you how touched I am that our Memphis bar gave them and their mother joy. So moving.
I wrote my new triple triathlon friend about being discouraged. Feeling slow in every event swimming, running, and biking. His response made my day.
” Lil I remember getting passed in a marathon once and reading the back of the woman’s shirt. “You’re now getting passed by a pregnant woman.” Lol. ” Lil I also got passed in the swimming section by a one legged man. Yes it’s slightly humbling.”

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And who can beat you at the bar business? You are the first lady of bars both home and internationally! Being beaten in a race is "so what"! Being beaten at social interaction - not a winner. It's a shame the movie left out why 'Ratchel' cut the pony tail from the guy. I ask of you just this - Keep RUNNING your bars as you do and you'll always be the WINNER.