Lil Spill

May 13, 2013

Congrats to Anna. One of our Russian partners. She just had a baby girl, Oriana. So happy for them!!
“Lil I am going to put you in touch with my friend Frank who does triathlons.” This is from my friend Tracy in Key West. He and I have now emailed a few times. Well I decided to look him up. Read this
My god he is giving me advice on swimming 400 meters when he just ran 3 marathons back to back to raise money for some of the injured in the Boston Marathon. He does Death races and ultra marathoning. He does triple Iron Mans. Nuts. I better up my game. I will definitely donate to this charity as my first step to triathlon success.Crazy

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Sherri McFadden

Lil, you shouldn't be doing all this running. If God wanted you to run and jiggle all your girl parts he would have made you a boy!!! You need to read up on the dangers of running and jogging for women. Sherri from Oregon


Have been reading your blog for the past couple of months and I'm impressed with your progress so far. A great adventure to share with Jackson, too. And now you've tied it in with a cause. I'm proud of you Lil. So few people find success and then find ways to help others. You've got it all lady.