Lil Spill

May 6, 2013

This triathlon is going to be harder then anticipated. Started my swim lessons today. The positive is that he said I was a better swimmer then I had advised him. Well that was the last compliment I received. The objective of this triathlon coach is to get the student to do every event faster while using less energy. Do you know how hard it is to reteach yourself a stroke when you have been doing it the same way for years? A few times I actually started choking on water. ” dude drowning in the freaking pool is not an option.” I am exhausted! We did a million different drills. One armed freestyle, freestyle using fists, one arm in but only using your legs, breast stroke, head in, head out. At the end of the drills he said ok swim 100 meters. That seemed like the longest 100 meters ever.
Also at the most basic female level, the outfits are embarrassing. If I actually get into this sport, I will be designing new clothing.
He ended the session with what I can only imagine was a pep talk. ” Ok Lil, the day of the race, you will get yourself through the swim and the bike, then you can just bolt for the run.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I am a super slow runner. LOL
A lot of business direction changes this week. Lee, Jeff, Kevin and myself are refocusing.

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Lil, I'm really enjoying following your youthful endeavours. Running, Muddlers and now this Triathelon. Great example for Jackson and a good friend for him too. But Lil couldn’t you have chosen a different swimming stile? All this talk about you in a swim suit and breasts stroke. Sorry I’m a healthy male!