Lil Spill

May 8, 2013

Heading to Key West tomorrow. Check on things. I want to modify the merch store. Refocusing on Houston and Miami.
Text conversation with Mac
Mac:Lil you need to add more complex carbs and protein to your diet with all this extra training.
Me: Mac if I gain one pound on your diet plan I will hunt you down and off you!
Then Lee and I got into it. ” why did you post a clip from Tough Mudder on Facebook rather then the Coyote site? Am I taking crazy pills? Wasn’t the point of videoing the event to drive more traffic to the site? Urgh
Ok doing the Spartan sprint next week. Waiting to get the list of people wanting to join Kevin and I. So far only Jess from Austin is in! Come on people ! It’s only 4 miles. Get off your fat asses . I swear its hard but super fun

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