Lil Spill

May 4, 2013

I loved Pinky’s managers log last night. ” had a problem with attitudes tonight. The veteran girls just keep bitching about the new girls. Maybe if they stop bitching at the new girls they wouldn’t quit. And guess what? If they quit then MORE new girls.” The frustrations of being a Coyote Ugly manager.
Went to a holistic kinesiologist yesterday. She poked and prodded me everywhere. I left sore but for the first time in weeks I wasn’t limping.
Therapist told me that my homework assignment was not to exercise all weekend . She also said I wasn’t to drink and do something I might regret later. Thursday I got pretty drunk and regrets are for the weak ! But I didn’t exercise! Katie and Leslie are a deadly combination to go out with!

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Hi Liliana, Can you believe I am one of the first finalist in the 2013 Super Mama contest at Univision Austin. Thanks for this great opportunity to became a nanny with Jackson. I hope to see him again. Don't forget vote for my at Univision Austin Super Mama. Regards, Rosy Gormaz