Lil Spill

March 16, 2013

First track meet of the season and Jackson has already banned his dad from coming. Lol. In NY, Jackson’s dad would just be one of the many loud dads cheering on their children. But in New Orleans his voice is heard by everyone. He can’t help himself . It doesn’t matter if its soccer, wrestling, cross country and now track. He can’t control himself even when he knows that Jackson gets embarrassed. Lol Thank god I am allowed. Yesterday his dad called to tell me that he had been banned from the game . Beside this not unexpected detail, he also told me that his high school baseball coach had died and in respect for his death he had decided to drop the grudge he held for 30 years for being relieved of his position for a few innings during one game. Crazy is as crazy does.
Austin rocking! All the bars did well except New Orleans. That is disturbing since the French quarter has been packed for St Patrick’s day weekend. Tonight should be great for all the bars.

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