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Lil Spill

March 15, 2013

Austin is on fire! Awesome week. Key West right behind them! I love waking up and seeing all the bars doing well. Sunday is St Patrick’s day! I am routing for Milwaukee to lead the pack that day.
I am very sore from my first crossfit class yesterday. I have another one today. You can’t stop me! I asked Kevin if he was training for the Tough Mudder. His response ” I do the Tough Mudder on breaks from my real workout.” He’s the only nut case that I know that actually decided to get fat , not train and run a marathon. ( I swear, I am not joking). His logic was that he had done marathons before and had always trained. He wondered if he could gain weight , not train and do one. He ran the marathon in the Redwood Forest having gained 25 lbs and not exercising in months. If I am correct, he ran 18 miles and walked the rest. Pretty impressive . He is in good shape right now , so according to him , it will be easy. And Mac sent me this workout that was simply unaccomplishable. 1000 push-ups, 1000 pull ups blah blah blah. I did 100 push-ups taking breaks every 25. And I did a 1/2 a pull up. I am working on that.
Can’t find my glasses so who knows what kind of typos this blog has.

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