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Lil Spill

February 25, 2013

Thank you sweet universe for my pain being minimal to what I was expecting today. I can’t walk up or down stairs but it seems to be isolated to just my quads so I am thankful that I am not in the full body pain I was expecting. A few of my coworkers waited about 3 hours post race to invite me to be on the Coyote Ugly Tough Mudder team. ” How the hell do I train for that? and do I want to?”
As you can tell by my time, I am not fast . Will I slow the team down? I can’t think about this until I forget the pain and soreness I have been in for the last 24 hours. Good news is that my broken sesamoid bone didn’t cause any major problems. No crutches this time!!!
My son’s dog had what I thought was a seizure this morning. We had to rush him to the vet. It was scary to watch . The concern in my son’s eyes was sad to see. The vet doesn’t think it was a seizure but perhaps a muscle spasm that come from a heart issue or a remote chance of lead poisoning. We will see.
4 pm massage appointment. It was hard to get. It seems as if the Rock and Roll 1/2 and full marathoners have all called for the same service. Thank god my friend knew someone and I was able to weasel into an appointment

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  1. Hey Liliana, Just a few tips to reduce soreness is to continue to drink lots of water (stay hydrated) and continue to stretch and or go for a light jog/brisk walk. What your trying to accomplish is breaking up the latic acid in the muscles. The massage will help too. Also I work at your Milwaukee location and have to say I love my job as security. I hope you start feeling better.

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