Lil Spill

February 24, 2013

Take it off the bucket list! Half Marathon done. I ran it in 2:29! I can’t lie I am pretty proud of myself. At mile 9 my foot started hurting . I packed a bunch of ibuprofen so I would grab a Gatorade at the water stops and would pop a pill and keep on running. Chantel finished shortly after me. We split up around mile 4. It was so crowded it was too hard to stay at the same pace. I am sore from my shoulder blades to my toes. My quads are screaming. Chantel kept saying that her butt muscles are sore .
No doubt I will be limping for a few days but that’s fine. Not sure what it means when your lips turn blue but at the end of the race both Chantel and her husband noted my lip change . Going to pig out now. I have earned it!
Damn I ran 13 miles today. Today Chantel and I are MFPHes

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