Lil Spill

December 11, 2012

Reality is at the library! Jackson asked to be enrolled in an art class specific to comics. The class is held at the main New Orleans library. And he is by far the youngest student in attendance. I am sitting in the library reading while I secretly ( not sure how secretly) look around at the cross section of people. What I see and what actually is may be different. But my interpretation of what I see is graduate students and the homeless. There are two gentlemen sitting at the table next to me. Looking a bit disheveled. I overheard one of them telling the other that he is not looking forward to getting back into the cold weather . I would assume they spend their day here reading , staying out of the elements until the library closes and then they have to go back outside and find alternate shelter. Reality hit me in the library! Yesterday I was living the dream, driving someone’s Maserati feeling cool but today I am at the library seeing the lives of regular people. Very humbling. It’s the Holidays and it is a time for giving. Nothing more empowering then giving to others so I will give.

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