Lil Spill

December 12, 2012

” mom can you sign my test?…. Aren’t you going to say something ?” ” jackson, you got a B in your best subject. I’m not punishing you for a B but I am certainly not going to jump for joy.” That was last night’s conversation. A Graded B in a subject that he struggles in would warrant a congrats. But not in his best subject when he has received As all year. Urgh
Last year the conversation would of ended with, ” you are right mom. I will try harder.” In the teenage years the conversation ended in ” mom you don’t care about anything but As. I don’t know why I expected more from you.” I held my tongue after that comment.
This morning is a new day. Today on the 12th of December my son exceeds me in height and weight! Excellent .
Trying to get a mortgage. My god they are putting me through the ringer.

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