Lil Spill

August 28, 2012

finally I got back home. They kept the Key West airport closed so Kevin drove Lee and I to Miami. After some delays I got home safe and sound. Jackson and I have charged our computers and we plan on having a ” Fringe” marathon if the electricity goes out. Isaac is still a tropical storm and may only hit New Orleans as a Category 1. The New Orleans bar is open. Pre Katrina we used to have really fun hurricane parties. I am not making light of this but this area of the country gets its fair share of hurricanes and I feel pretty secure having lived through 4 or 5 hurricanes in New Orleans that everything will be fine.
Yesterday when I landed as I walked through the security gate to leave the airport I saw this woman and man join in the most incredible embrace and kiss. After my initial “get a room” feeling, I realized how incredibly jealous I was. I have to believe that in my lifetime that type of love and passion is out there. One day.

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