Lil Spill

August 27, 2012

Fuck, fuck , fuck! So far 3 flights have been canceled. Kevin drove me to the Miami airport . While i await a flight to New Orleans he is driving Lee to the Lauderdale airport to catch a flight to Vegas. A long weekend! On a positive note, even through a tropical storm during evacuations I was able to hire 16 girls for the Key West bar! I am so happy that girls came out to apply even with the weather situation.
To be frank, tropical storm Isaac in Key West was nothing more then a windy rainy day. Now I have to get back to New Orleans for the real deal. Urgh
I am grateful to my ex husband . ( I know that sounds weird). Today we spoke. He had already hired people to board up the building that houses the New Orleans bar ( yes we will stay open). He picked up my dogs. And he is making sure Jackson is alright. For the people who divorce and have the harsh volatile situations, it’s not worth it. I know that my ex will always help out! Thanks

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