Lil Spill

August 30, 2012

I am grateful that my home and the building that houses the New Orleans bar is fine. Haven’t heard yet about all the employees but I think the safety issue should be fine.
I just finished emptying my fridge. We haven’t had electricity in a while and I wanted to make sure the house didn’t reek of spoiled food. I know other people aren’t as fortunate as we have been over the years with all the various hurricanes that have hit New Orleans. I keep telling myself that because today my anxiety level is super high. It’s so hot in my house! I haven’t slept in days and there is so much debris everywhere in my yard. I have been cleaning for hours and haven’t made a dent. I know that this is a mild form of an anxiety disorder. I can’t stand the first floor of my house or the backyard to be messy. I really am at a high level of anxiety, again I know I am lucky, I just need to try and calm my mind so I don’t freak out.

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