Lil Spill

July 17, 2012

I want to give thanks and praise to Tahnee in NY. Wow she has stepped up when we needed her. I am very proud of her. It’s more then that. She is genuinely a good person. Her inside beauty matches that of her outside.
I want to give thanks to Judy my assistant. She is an unbelievable worker but also a good friend.
Judy and her husband Lynn live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the French quarter. A beautiful place. It’s perfect for two people . Kids are all grown up so they have a nice life . They have a way of meeting very rich people. This one couple that they know is ultra rich. I haven’t met them but Judy says that they are very nice and giving. The rich couple has invited Judy, Her husband and few other couples on a cruise in the Mediterranean on a private yacht. Holy shit I am completely jealous!

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