Lil Spill

July 14, 2012

Chantel had a little boy, Domenic! So freaking cute! She has got some good looking kids. Niko her daughter is gorgeous . She is what I picture in my head an angel looking like. And Domenic looks a more Mediterranean version of Niko. Beautiful family.
I am grateful for Lee. Not just because he is a good worker but because he can soothe me after Fucking Kevin pisses me off. Really Lee is the onky one who can calm me. I actually said ( said is the nice word for yelled) to Kevin that I wished Lee was in Key West to monitor and break up our fights.
Yesterday we spent hours painting the wainscot and the wall above it. The day before I picked a couple of color combinations that we all agreed on . Two colors one for the wainscot and another for the blank wall above the wainscot. We have decided ( as a group) to go out of our comfort zone and have a more beachy feel. Well low and behold after Steve and I painted the main wall, Fucking Kevin said ” I think we should pick the same colors as the other bars on the block. It’s not biker enough.” . ” Really Fucking Kevin, it’s not biker enough.” ” I let you and Lee have carte Blanche on the Milwaukee bar. Milwaukee being the head quarters of Harley Fucking Davidson. And I walk into black and red wallpaper on the walls. Don’t tell me about what’s biker like !” just writing this is getting me mad all over again.
So to appease him I walk to 4 different bars to show Kevin what colors they are using and how they all frame out their decor”. I then mix two different color combinations to show him how it would look . Then I show him how it would be a bit harder for us to do the same thing. Well he keeps complaining . So finally , I blow up! I walk outside , call Lee. Lee then calmed me down and backed me up on the original colors we picked. Fucking Kevin won’t beat me down!!
Positive vibes . Peace and tranquility .

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